Who We Are?

Rowland Omachonu Youth Support Foundation (Roys Foundation) founded in 2016 as a nongovernmental and non-profit organization established to provide charitable/humanitarian support and coordinate resources to respond to common and societal problems in youths, girl-child (Vulnerable Children), women and widows, with the goal of increasing their livelihood, building them to be self reliant, poverty reduction and reduce hunger. In recent times, Kaduna state is being threatened by Religious Crisis, Boko Haram terrorism, Banditry and lots of social ills. These ills affect the livelihood of lots of inhabitants of the state most especially Women, Widows, Girl-Child and Youths making them vulnerable and increase poverty.

As an organization, we are passionate towards addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the people in the state, thereby providing  humanitarian support around poverty reduction, provision of food for the hungry and development.

Our Mission

To help build a better world, where people are self-reliant as individuals and delivery of food support in troubled areas towards ending hunger.

Our vision

We envision a world where hunger will be put to an end and poverty reduced.

Our goal

Our goal is to contribute in improving the living standard of the vulnerable communities through community mobilization, capacity building, advocacy and strengthening of institutions at the grass root level.


Roys Foundation has always promoted the networking and collaboration with other NGOs, media groups and concerned stakeholders for achieving the goal of sustainable development. Networking with other organizations has always proved very productive by playing as medium between the service providers and those at the receiving end. Also, provide support to other NGOs and initiatives in line with our thematic areas.


Roys Foundation basically works for the underserved, disadvantaged (Internally Displaced People) and poorest of the poor in the rural areas of the province. Its target groups include the women, widows, youths and children in the rural communities who are still living in disadvantaged conditions and deprived of very basic necessities of life. Besides, Roys Foundation also focuses upon the urban populace living in underserved areas.